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We at Khenshu focus on creating a luxury palatial experience which can be embedded into everyday living. Our main product mix consists of hand crafted furniture made of seasoned teak covered with the purest form of Silver. Apart from bespoke silver furniture, our design house recreates fusion versions of various art forms practiced between the 18th and 19th century and a modern contemporary line that has a futuristic look.


Khenshu initially started off as a platform to showcase dying artforms and through the months, we evolved into a design house fusing various art forms and creating masterpieces. Each of our pieces has a story to tell and can be used as a conversation starter on any occasion. Each of our products are worked on intensively by our product design team in Bangalore and then recreated by traditional Indian artisans in our Rajasthan unit. All products are handmade with an average production time of about 3 months. All our products are made by local artisans to help preserve art, create employment and vastly support the cause of Make In India